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Welcome to Mobax Group
Welcome to Mobax Group

Mobax Group (Pty) Ltd is a leading African Telecommunication Technology group based in South Africa.

With a track record over many years Mobax Group is recognised for its delivery of professional and high quality engineering, project and technical services to telecommunication Network Operators and Corporate clients in Africa.

Mobax Group business model comprises both geographical and technology diversification and achieves this through operations based in four subsidiary companies namely Mobax SA for the South African market, Mobax Telecoms International for the International market and Mobax Telecoms Nigeria for the West African Market.

Mobax Group's business philisophy is that our future depends on how well we can serve our customer through adding high value services to enable them to achieve their business goals and objectives.

To Mobax Group, quality is a commitment without compromise.

Mobax Telecoms International Mobax South Africa Mobax Nigeria
Mobax Group | email : | TEL :+27 (0) 12 345 4007 / 08611 MOBAX | FAX : +27 (0) 12 345 3828    PAIA